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Academic Departmental Program Review* (ADPR) at NMSU is on a regularly recurring cycle, occurs at the department level, and specifically addresses each academic program offered within the department. The focus at the program-level is particularly relevant for those programs housed within a single department that are significantly distinct. Interdisciplinary programs are reviewed as independent programs. To emphasize the importance of the review process addressing each program within the department, the term “department/program” is used throughout this document.

The purpose of ADPR at NMSU is to

  • ensure processes of reflection and ongoing strategic planning within academic units
  • identify current program effectiveness and efficiencies
  • identify opportunities for growth and/or increased effectiveness and efficiencies
  • maximize program alignment with college and institutional mission and strategic initiatives

The ADPR processes is grounded in the concept of self-study.  Self-study requires collaborative engagement of faculty, administrators, discipline specialists (external), students and other stakeholders (e.g. community members, advisory boards, employers) to

  • reflect on current conditions and dynamics within the program
  • reflect on current conditions and dynamics within the profession/field
  • evaluate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the current program conditions
  • identify program goals and strategic actions

The ADPR administrator maintains, supports and coordinates ADPR processes. Specifically, the ADPR administrator

  • notifies departments/programs of their cycle participation dates, timeline and responsibilities
  • provides orientation and training for ADPR participants
  • provides access to ADPR support resources and materials, including coordination of data reports from the Office of Institutional Analysis (OIA) and the NMSU Library
  • maintains the ADPR website and document repository
The ADPR administrator can be contacted at
* The ADPR Rotation schedule by college/department is here, and can be viewed on the ADPR 6 Year Rotation Cycle (pdf) Programs with external accreditation that meet the overall expectations of NMSU’s ADPR may be exempted by request of the college dean with the approval of the provost. 

A description of annual activities within the ADPR cycle can be viewed on the ADPR 6-year Cycle of Activities (Word Document).